Pair arrested in road-rage incident

Two men were arrested Monday after a road-rage incident in a parking lot escalated into a fist fight involving a knife, police said.

Oscar Brillo, 60, and Charles Robinson, 31, were taken into custody on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon following the alleged incident in the Thai Original Bar-B-Q parking lot on the 100 block of South Glendale Avenue, according to police reports.

Several witnesses called police just after 3 p.m. to report seeing Brillo pointing a knife at Robinson in the parking lot, police said.

Robinson’s wife reportedly told police she had just picked up her husband from his job, which is in the same shopping center, and began to drive out of the parking lot toward Glendale Avenue.

Brillo’s gray Honda Accord was blocking the exit, so she told officers that she honked.

Seconds after she honked again, Brillo allegedly stepped out of the car and approached the couple in a menacing manner.

Robinson leaned out of their car and yelled, “You better get back in your car.”

When Robinson also got out of the car, Brillo allegedly pulled out a 4- to 6-inch knife and pointed it at Robinson.

Witnesses told police that Robinson ran away as Brillo chased him in the parking lot.

Brillo then returned to his car and began to drive off, but a woman reportedly jumped in front of the car to stop him from fleeing. .

Other witnesses told police that Robinson got in front of Brillo’s car, opened the driver’s-side door and punched him several times in the face until police arrived.

A witness also provided police with video footage of the dispute.

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