Vote all the politicians out

If the American taxpayers had any doubt that many elected politicians work only to keep their jobs and spend the taxpayers’ money, causing huge deficits, they need only look at the scandals in Bell and Vernon and the payments for state legislative office staffs.

Then there is the recent decision of the Glendale City Council declaring that a library and fire station need upgrading, so they declared the bathrooms blighted to spend more than $300,000 in redevelopment money on upgrades — an example of why the governor wants to abolish local redevelopment agencies (“Stretching blight’s definition in Glendale,” Aug. 12).

The money should be spent on street maintenance and sidewalk repair, which are certainly blighted! It is time for term limits for all public officials, and a part-time Legislature like that of Nevada and Texas.

Let’s vote out of office all current elected officials and start over with patriotic American citizens, who will consider the best interests of the people and cut the waste of taxpayer funds.

Edward M. Coffman


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