Why aren't cops enforcing the city's laws?

As a citizen of Glendale, I am just wondering if loitering, smoking and littering laws are in fact still laws within the city.

On any given day or night (mostly night), you can find groups of teens and young adults hanging around in parking lots all across the city. They play their music, smoke cigarettes and throw all their trash right where they stand. They try to intimidate others and make the parking lots very uncomfortable places to be.

The parking lots next to Carl's Jr. on Glenoaks, the 7-Eleven on the corner of Glenoaks and Highland and the Ralphs parking lot on Glendale Avenue near Glendale Community College are just a few of the hot spots.

I am also wondering what can be done about those who park on quiet streets at night and do all of the above, including smoking marijuana and having sex. I walk every morning and I fill a shopping bag everyday with cigarette cartons, wrappers, butts not to mention all the Red Bull cans, medical marijuana containers and even used condoms.

This is outrageous! Where is the Glendale Police Department, and why aren't officers enforcing the laws? Very frustrating, to say the least.

Greg Christophersen


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