Kudos to council for library work

I want to thank the Glendale City Council for voting to upgrade the entryway for Casa Verdugo Library and modifying the bathrooms there and in the adjacent fire station to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (“Bathroom fixes redefine blight,” Aug. 12).

For the past several years I've been going to Casa Verdugo a couple of times a week to tutor my adult literacy student who lives nearby and doesn't drive. It's a lovely mid-century building but has a dated, ailing infrastructure.

While I'd prefer to have adequate funding to fully renovate it and keep it open many more hours than current budget allows, I appreciate the creative funding efforts to do what's possible. I believe handicapped people in the redevelopment area will indeed benefit from the upgrades.

Edward M. Coffman's ill-informed Mailbag contribution of Aug. 26 titled “Vote all the politicians out” is completely wrong. If term limits were applied to all elected officials, only the lobbyists would retain institutional memory of the system.

Only those paid by special interests, like well-funded corporations, would be able to get bills passed.

Instead of following Coffman's simplistic advice, I urge all voters in Glendale to observe council meetings, research the issues and become knowledgeable voters. Keep those elected officials who are representing the people well and vote out those who do not.

Glendale is not and has never been Vernon or Bell.

Sharon Weisman


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