Council red-cards soccer in park

The City Council this week voted to keep soccer out of the renovated Central Park near the new Adult Recreation Center, siding with parks commissioners who said there wasn’t enough room to lay out a soccer pitch.

According to a report to the City Council Tuesday, there wouldn’t be enough room for a regulation-size soccer field in the refurbished park. Building one would cost $850,000 on top of the $560,596 budgeted for park improvements near the center.

City Council members had directed city officials to explore the possibility at the 1.5-acre park site.

“This is not an appropriate location for a soccer field, regardless of the size,” said Councilman Frank Quintero, who suggested partnering with local schools to find a better location for soccer fields.

Councilman Ara Najarian said the fact that the city was trying to squeeze a field where it may not be appropriate shows how much one is needed in that area.

Councilman Rafi Manoukian, who was alone in voting to pursue a possible soccer field at the site, agreed size wasn’t the issue.

“This is an opportunity we should not lose,” he said, citing the relative lack of recreation space in South Glendale.

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