Enforcement should focus on the drivers

I am happy to see the continuing discussion about Glendale driving (“A ranking without honor,” Sept. 8).

Perhaps having a police officer struck by a car (“Glendale motorcycle officer injures ankle in collision,” Sept. 7) will motivate them to take more effective action. A previous time when cars hitting pedestrians was addressed by the Police Department, they made matters worse by going after jaywalkers.

The simple fact is that it is often safer for pedestrians to cross a street in the middle of a block where traffic flow is more predictable than at intersections where cars run stop signs and do other dangerous maneuvers.

Pedestrians and bicyclists will sometimes use bad judgment or make mistakes, and when they do, they may pay the price. The problem is that when drivers of cars and trucks use bad judgment or make mistakes, it is again the pedestrians and bicyclists who pay the price.

Because pedestrians and bicyclists will never hurt cars, the police should leave them alone and put their efforts into penalizing drivers for their misdeeds.

Scott Peer


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