The cons of artificial turf

I have a sister who is wealthy enough to have installed artificial turf in her backyard (“Council, residents weigh in on allowing artificial turf in front yards,” Aug. 11).

To her, it made sense because she has three dogs. In order for her to maintain the aesthetic of a green lawn with no yellow spots from dog urine, she wanted to try the artificial turf.

After three years of having her artificial turf, there are no yellow spots, but her grass has lost its initial luster and color, and it does not resemble anything in nature.

Because I'm her sister, the best thing I can say about it is that it looks good in the dark. In the light of day it looks tacky and fake. In fact, her dogs don't even like it. Luckily, she is able to take her dogs on walks three times a day so they won't relieve themselves in the house.

Also, contrary to popular belief, artificial turf lawns are not maintenance-free. She has to take a specially purchased machine to the lawn, which makes noise and runs on electricity, to fluff up the turf and make it look “natural.”

Joan Hardie


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