Bobcat reported in Brand Park in Glendale

A bobcat was spotted today in an open grass area of Brand Park in north Glendale, said city spokesman Tom Lorenz.

The cat, which weighed approximately 20 to 30 pounds, was spotted about 12:30 p.m. before it jumped over a wall into the southeast area of the park. A few seconds later, it hopped back over the wall, returning to the hillside, Lorenz said in an email.

Animal control officers were called to the park, but Lorenz said officials did not consider the bobcat to be dangerous.

"They are regulars all over the hillsides of Glendale," Lorenz said.

The sighting comes as several mountain lion sightings have been reported in Burbank, with some walking among parked cars in hillside neighborhoods.

North Glendale residents on Brockmont Drive have also been dealing with their own brushes with wildlife as a pack of coyotes use a vacant, fire-gutted home as a base. The home is scheduled to be demolished in the coming days, at which point, officials say they will re-evaluate the situation.

Photo: Animal control and Glendale police officers responded to a bobcat sighting at Brand Park in Glendale today. Credit: Roger Wilson/Times Community News

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