Bobcat reportedly spotted at Burbank golf course

A bobcat was spotted near DeBell Golf Club in Burbank Saturday morning near the intersection of Grinnell and Sunset Canyon drives, police said.

The cat was seen around 10 a.m. in a wash area near a smaller course called the “Nine Hole, Par 3,” which is part of DeBell, said Burbank Police Lt. D. Yadon.

The smaller course is separate from DeBell physically, the two courses divided by a catch basin. The bobcat was in the wash that runs from the basin, Yadon said.

Officers were dispatched, but no bobcat was found, he added.

A 20- to 30-pound bobcat was spotted in Brand Park in Glendale on Friday, but it hopped a fence and went back into the hillside before animal control and police officers arrived at the scene.

Several mountain lion sightings have also been reported in the hillside neighborhoods of Burbank in recent months.

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