Glendale native takes his protest to the skies over Los Angeles

If you’re outside in Los Angeles and you see what looks like a message in the clouds, you haven’t lost your mind. A Los Angeles artist is taking his craft, and his message, to the skies.

Saber, a longtime graffiti artist in Los Angeles, is up in an airplane skywriting. He's sharing his creations on Twitter along the way. His messages include “End Mural Moratorium” and “Art Is Not A Crime,” as well as “OBEY,” an homage to artist Shepard Fairey and his Obey Giant campaign.

Fairey tweeted a photo of Saber’s work, and said, “If you are in Los Angeles right meow, Look up! #obeygiant.”

Saber, who says on his website that he’s a Glendale native, claims to have completed the largest piece of graffiti ever. His piece on the bank of the Los Angeles River, he said, is “nearly the size of a professional football field, and can be read clear as day from a satellite photo.” L.A. NOW

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