Let Kimber apologize for plagiarizing

The over-reaction to a careless mistake is what comes across by the Glendale News-Press regarding dropping “Education Matters” columnist Dan Kimber.

He should be allowed to publicly apologize for his omission in citing his source(s) and this could have been done by an article on “giving credit where credit is due” as an educational comment, as well as apologizing to his source(s).

There was no purposeful intent to deceive, merely a careless mistake. You did not give him a chance to apologize.

I seem to recall a certain sitting judge on the U.S. Supreme Court was called to task over failing to cite sources in a paper he wrote and he still has his job. He vehemently denied any plagiarism, but as an academician, it looked very suspect.

The termination says more about your editor/paper than it does about a man I respect and proudly call a friend.

Samanthe Kadar


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