Editor’s note: Additional plagiarism discovered

On Sept. 16, 2011, the Glendale News-Press printed a note stating that Dan Kimber’s Sept. 9, 2011, column largely duplicated the work of Sam Pizzigati’s Aug. 29, 2011 OtherWords column titled “Joe the Machinist.”

Kimber acknowledged the plagiarism, and the News-Press announced his column would no longer appear in its pages.

A review of Kimber’s columns from Jan. 2, 2009 to Sept. 9, 2011 revealed approximately one-fifth contained plagiarized material. The amount taken in each instance varied, from a few sentences to nearly the entire column.

News-Press guidelines are explicit about properly identifying and citing our sources. Trust is the backbone of this paper’s reputation.


Editing safeguards have been put in place to help prevent this from occurring in the future.

Within the online archive, each of Kimber’s columns will contain a note stating that multiple instances of plagiarism have been found. In those columns where plagiarism has been discovered, a “For The Record” note specifying the details will be appended to the piece.