Fit for Life: On becoming flexible

If I'm waking up early on a Saturday it's probably so I can take a yoga class at Alpha Fitness Chalet in Glendale.

Tucked away behind the Sam Pierre Hair Studio at 2836 N. Verdugo Road, the quaint studio was a bit hard to find. But once I did, I was glad I decided to go.

The instructor was very informative and quite patient as she had to adjust my form on just about every pose. Like I’ve said before, flexibility and patience aren’t two of my strong suits. And at one point, she even had each student stand back to back with her, lock arms and then lean back on to her as we stretched backwards.

It felt oddly similar to the part in “Mean Girls” when the snobby student falls backwards and then no one is there to catch her – so let’s just say trust isn’t one of my strongest suits either. But, hey, I didn’t fall! The only downfall to the class was that it ran a bit long.

Honestly, I think 45 min is a long enough class, so 75 minutes was kind of stretching it – yes, pun intended. But overall, the yoga class got my morning off to a nice start that had me all warmed up for my hike at Runyon Canyon. If your body is aching for a new yoga class, try out Alpha Fitness Chalet as the first class is free.

 Mary Catherine Holcomb is a fitness enthusiast and can be reached at

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