Commissioners should tighten belts

Here we go again. A mild summer in which everyone I know, myself included, used less water, coupled with a very healthy rainfall season. It's raining today in fact, which is more good news for conservationists like us.

Low and behold, I read the Glendale News-Press today and see we are in for yet another water rate increase (“Water rates may trickle upward,” Oct. 4) after a rate hike last December.

Now Glendale Water & Power Commissioner Armen Adjemian says any impact (depending on which proposed alternative is used) will be “a negligible one,” which can be as high $20 a month.

Where do the overtaxed citizens of Glendale come up with $20? It's proposed some living in smaller dwellings (alone probably) would only receive a few dollars increase. I'm happy for them, but the seniors or struggling middle class families will once again be forced to eliminate something, be it food or medicines or a bus pass.

So I say to the elite commissioners Debra Dentler or Adjemian, “Tighten your own belts and entitlement benefits again as well.”

All citizens should be aware of the insidious increases of fees and so-called services the city of Glendale continues to impose while spending our tax dollars.

Maybe those bond obligations Adjemian and Dentler are so concerned about can be met with internal city agency cutbacks.

Go to the City Council meeting Tuesday and complain. Mayor Laura Friedman and fellow council members are too busy proposing politically correct solutions to coyote dangers while children, seniors and pets remain at risk.

Lou Fabbiano


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