Why do the police fly over La Cañada?

We live in La Cañada but often see the Glendale Police Department helicopter over our little town and over La Crescenta.

I imagine there may be situations where the helicopter is used to support a traffic stop originating in Glendale. It seems plausible, but I cannot imagine such scenarios occur as often as we see the Glendale Police helicopter here. It has a very distinctive sound from the Bell Jet Rangers used by L.A. County Fire and sheriff’s departments.

As a citizen, I wanted to propose to the Glendale leadership the idea of documenting online the flight logs of their helicopter. I think citizens should be able to read, after the fact, about how and where the Glendale police helicopter is flown so that any questions about how such a valuable resource is allocated can be intelligently discussed.

It should be a trivial matter for a first-rate California city to publish some flight logs online on a daily basis — sort of like a police blotter in the newspaper.

If anyone reading this in Glendale agrees with me, write in to say so.

If the Glendale Police Department does this, it will improve their image and our perception of them. If they do not, I would ask, what do they have to hide?

Greg Hiscott

La Cañada Flintridge


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