Living with the results of smoking

I’m 87 years old, I smoked for 50 years. I stopped 25 years ago and have never picked up another cigarette.

I have had high-blood-pressure problems for the last 35 years, along with thyroid problems. Five years ago, I developed gout. Shortly after that, I had shortness of breath. I developed shingles — I was sure I lost my mind over that.

Things have been just happening one after another. I now have an erratic heartbeat, weak kidneys and just went through an operation for a stomach ailment.

All this has lead to many other things. I started taking oxygen 24 hours a day about a year ago, which is no fun; everywhere I go, I have this tube in my nose and lug around a tank of oxygen.

My doctors have told me that these things are the results of smoking.

As a result of my years of smoking, my present condition is that I walk with a cane, I need oxygen every minute of the day and I constantly take medication.

So what I would like to tell all of my family and friends is, think about it over and over before you light up. Remember all that has been happening to me was caused by smoking.

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor: Don’t smoke.

Bill Reedy


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