Crews work to demolish coyote-inhabited house

The fire-damaged house in North Glendale that became the flash point of controversy — a temporary home for a pack of coyotes — is finally coming down.

A demolition crew was working at 318 Brockmont Drive Monday tearing down pieces of the house. The second story is now basically gone with only the chimney still standing.

The city attorney’s office has been working with owners Brett and Lisa van den Berg since May to get the fire-gutted house torn down. It was heavily damaged in a fire on Nov. 27, 2010 and has been an eyesore in the neighborhood ever since.

At one point, neighbors said they saw coyotes coming in and out of the vacant house and believed the animals were using it as a home base, which set off a media frenzy last month.


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--Mark Kellam, Times Community News

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