What happened in LCF 10-20-30 Years Ago?

Ten Years Ago

Having lost contact with the Mars Polar Lander on Dec. 3, 1999 in a setback attributed by a review board to a software failure, scientists and engineers at JPL cheered loudly on Oct. 23, 2001 when the Mars Odyssey spacecraft entered into orbit around the red planet. “You know what? We were successful this time because we had a failure last time,” then-NASA Administrator Dan Goldin said to members of the media assembled for the event.


Twenty Years Ago

The staff at the Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Station and the station’s volunteer support group staged their “Haunted Jail and Spooky Pumpkin Patch” event, drawing hundreds of Halloween celebrants to tour the station, where several cells were decorated with different frightful scenes.


Thirty Years Ago

 The La Cañada school board learned that $750,000 would have to be cut from the district’s 1982-83 budget and that such a large cut likely would mean that 32 teaching positions would have to be eliminated and class sizes at all grade levels would increase from 29 to 30 students.


Forty Years Ago

Children living in the Angeles Crest Estates area just west of the La Cañada Country Club packed a huge snowball after an unseasonably cold storm briefly visited the area in late October 1971. The egg-shaped snowball was about three feet tall and two feet in diameter.


Fifty Years Ago

Montrose sheriff’s deputy Lloyd Rickert was given a tetanus shot after being bitten by a monkey that had been hiding in a kitchen cabinet at the C.T. Harvey home in the 1200 block of Inverness Drive. The animal was not the Harveys’ household pet, but a stray that had slipped indoors.

Sixty Years Ago

A new three-bedroom, three-bath home on a landscaped lot on Princess Anne Road was offered by a local real estate company for $35,000.

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