The simple answer to a complex problem

While religious leaders attempt to find spiritual solace in the Seal Beach murders (“Coming to terms with the Seal Beach shooting,” Oct. 23), atheist Roberta Medford got it right when she stated, “The only real solution is to take all guns out of private hands.”

In the aftermath of the shooting, TV reporters, politicians, clerics and others referred to the murders as a “terrible” or “horrific” tragedy.

Excuse me, but when has a tragedy not been terrible or horrific? I would more accurately label the shooting an American tragedy borne of the stubborn refusal by lawmakers to adopt strict federal gun control laws.

The United States is the most violent country in the modern civilized world and will stay that way as long as 2nd Amendment rights, considered by many to be sacrosanct, remain in effect.

Until guns are taken out of private hands, I fear that the U.S. will continue on its violent downward spiral, and no amount of religious dogma — such as the Rev. Amy Pringle’s belief that “all we have to know is that God weeps with us” — can offer comfort or make any rational sense of rage-filled murderous acts.

Molly Shore


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