DUI arrest follows car crash, fire

A 23-year-old alleged drunk driver was arrested early Sunday after police said he fled the scene of his crashed Acura, engulfed in flames, on Pacific Avenue.

Jefte Garfias was taken into custody on suspicion of hit-and-run and driving under the influence of alcohol at his home on South Columbus Avenue, where police found him after he allegedly ran away from the crash at Maple Street and Pacific Avenue, according to police reports.

He was driving home when he approached Maple Street and attempted to make a left turn, but he was driving too fast and couldn’t control his Acura RSX, according to police reports.

Garfias struck the curb at Maple, took down a sign, hit a bus bench, and slammed into a metal pole, which rested against a concrete wall of a building on the 4600 block of San Fernando Road, officials said. No one was at the bus stop at the time of the crash.

He sustained a small scratch from the seat belt during the crash, Glendale Police Sgt. Dennis Smith said.

Before the crash, Garfias told police he was drinking at Barney’s Beanery when he decided to head home for the night, according to reports.

Witnesses said Garfias immediately exited the Acura and ran away from the crash “because was afraid of getting in trouble,” according to police reports.

The Acura then ignited into flames.

While the vacant building wasn’t damaged, the Acura was a total loss, said Glendale Battalion Fire Chief Gregory Godfrey.

Police said the metal pole and bushes were scorched during the blaze.

Garfias was reportedly unaware when he was arrested that his Acura was destroyed by flames, police said.

Two motorists were arrested that day on suspicion of DUI, while four were arrested for the same offense on Saturday, according to police reports.

Police also arrested a driver on Friday on the Foothill (210) Freeway at La Crescenta Avenue for reckless driving after he was seen traveling at more than 100 mph, Smith said.

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