Agencies reject South Korean Jindos as police dogs

Reporting from Seoul— In a canine experiment in better policing, the LAPD recently spent months training a pair of South Korean-bred Jindo puppies as possible new street enforcement partners.

But the Jindos are in the doghouse as a replacement for more traditional European bloodlines, such as German shepherds or Belgian Malinois. The loyal but excitable Jindos, officials said, just didn't take to the exacting work of crowd control, weapons detection and drug sniffing.

Glendale police decided not to accept the dogs for training after the LAPD rejected the Jindos.

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Two Glendale police dogs retire, leaving just one full-timer

Short-staffed K-9 unit puts on a show

-- John M. Glionna, Los Angeles Times

Photo: A Korean trainer shows off a Jindo as Los Angeles Police Officer Jeff Miller takes notes. Breeders paid for two officers to travel to South Korea and choose pups to bring home and train. Credit: Los Angeles Times, John M. Glionna / November 12, 2011

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