Reserve fund would be better spent now

During a recent meeting between Glendale Unified officials and Glendale Teachers Assn. President Tami Carlson, it became apparent there are only a few obstacles preventing unpaid teacher furlough days from being rescinded (“Teachers demand furlough day cancellation,” Nov. 2).

First, neither side can depend on California for funds promised the school district. Two, there is a “trust” issue between school district and union leadership teams.

We were told by the superintendent that the district has more than $70 million in reserves, but is holding on to that money for problems that might or might not happen three years from now. The Glendale Teachers Assn. is concerned about furlough days remaining on the books after our current contract runs out in three years.

How about a new and bold move by both sides? How about rescinding the days now, spend the monies given to the district by the state for today's students now, and do what's best for the kids now?

It would take only a small portion of that reserve to do so.

Richard Sherrick

Eagle Rock

Editor’s note: Sherrick is a teacher at Glendale High School and representative for the Glendale Teachers Assn.


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