A return to civility would be nice

Oh how I miss yester-years.

I miss knowing your neighbors, when we used to be able to at least say, “Good morning, Mrs. Jones.” I miss knowing your neighborhood enough to be able to return a dog to its owner’s home down the street, where it got out of an unlocked gate (“Ron Kaye: A Thanksgiving celebration of life,” Nov. 20).

I miss the days when you could call one another if you saw suspicious activity in the neighborhood, knowing your neighbor enough to mention, “We're going on vacation; would you keep an eye on the house?”

Those days are gone, because most of the 99% are too darn busy, working too many hours, trying to keep up with the higher cost of living caused by elected officials who enact policies that only benefit them and their wealthy supporters.

I agree with having a longer Thanksgiving, and a prolonged sense of holiday spirit — a chance for more holiday get-togethers, a chance to meet-and-greet, and learn your neighbor’s name at least.

David Barron

Los Angeles

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