A goodbye to Carlos Moorhead

The Honorable Carlos Moorhead was a gentleman with dedication and integrity who was always ready and willing to listen and help in any way he could (“Carlos Moorhead dead at 89,” Nov. 30).

As a former student government advisor at Herbert Hoover High School, I had the honor and pleasure to invite Moorhead several times to visit and have a meaningful conversation with student leaders about government, the U.S. Constitution, and the process of governance in this land of the free and home of the brave.

He was always cordial, pleasant, patient, kind, informative and a real gentleman. Of particular importance, it was my honor and pleasure when Moorhead nominated my son, Al, to the U.S. Naval Academy, where he was accepted, and upon graduation, he went to serve his country as a naval aviator abroad.

Our family has a very fond memory of visiting Moorhead in his Washington office.

Thanks, Carlos. We need more representatives like you to serve us and our country these days in Washington.

Chuck Sambar

La Cañada Flintridge

Foreign language graffiti on our streets

There are traffic laws and regulations that must be followed when installing a traffic signal or a pedestrian signal. A pedestrian signal is one that says “walk” or “don’t walk.” Placing something different down below in three different languages is creating a hazard.

The hazard is caused by prompting the pedestrian look down while starting to cross or already in the crosswalk, thereby not paying attention to the oncoming traffic that might hit them.

I believe insurance companies may not insure cities that think they can create their own way of driving or pedestrian walking. Those who do not know what a traffic signal or a pedestrian “walk” and “don’t walk” sign means should go to class and learn.

The meaning is the simplest thing in the world: either “stop” or “go.”

To continually add foreign language graffiti to our streets in the name of creating additional safety measures to protect the public is only creating a bigger problem.

David Bryce


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