Privacy, security are the real worries

Regarding the Glendale News-Press Nov. 19 editorial titled, “The smart move is to choose a new battle,” I ask, why hasn't there been an open and televised debate on the merits of the smart meters?

The News-Press editorial dismissed the concern on privacy and security, but only focused on the health issues, equating anti-smart-meter activists with people who claim certain vaccines cause autism in children.

“Decades later,” the editorial states, “misinformation continues to be spread; nothing has changed.”

What do vaccines and autism have to do with smart meters? This is a non-sequitur. The editorial board of the News-Press has not addressed the legitimate concerns of the anti-smart-meter group.

Rather than err on the side of caution (since it is far too early to know the exact side effects), it appears that over the next several years, millions of innocent people will become guinea pigs for the smart-meter industry — unless the public takes a stand.

So much for the naysayers.

Mike Mohill


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