Keep bombers away from Rose Parade

This letter is regarding the Nov. 10 story “Occupy movement plans to protest Rose Parade,” and “Pasadena seeks assurances from Occupy Rose Parade demonstrators” on Dec. 9.

Protesters within the crowds and following after the Rose Parade have been part of the event for several years. I believe it is a worthy effort to call attention to economic injustice by exercising our constitutional rights peacefully and non-disruptively at the 2012 parade.

Peter Thottam has helped organize earlier protests in which I have participated, and he has proven himself to be a peaceful, savvy and honest person.

Speaking of protests and the Rose Parade, I would like to express my abiding dislike of the opening moments of the parade itself, when the Air Force B-2 stealth bomber makes its flyover.

Yes, I guess it looks cool in a way, if you like war video games with their imaginary, reversible deaths. But the reality is that the stealth bomber is an instrument of aggression that kills indiscriminately by sneak attack from afar.

Am I the only one who finds it jarring to see this powerful weapon of destruction introduce the exquisite floats — nature's beauty crafted by human hands into creations expressing goodwill and friendship — escorted by a bomber?

The cost of this inappropriate spectacle, which must be enormous, is a total waste in a time of shortages. If paid for by the Rose Parade organization, what a dumb priority on their part, and what poor values it shows.

It is even sadder and more maddening to me if we are paying for it with our tax dollars. Which is it?

The assurance I long to hear from Pasadena is that this bellicose symbol and real weapon of war will no longer be part of the Tournament of Roses.

Roberta Medford


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