Rescued mountain lion cubs spur offers of public support

Those interested in donating to the wildlife refuge that is caring for two malnourished mountain lion cubs found hiding under a car in Burbank on Tuesday may do so online or over the phone, a representative said.

Some readers on Wednesday started making inquiries about how to support the wildlife center and the cubs' care.

The two 5-pound cubs, which were determined to be 10 weeks old, were rescued from underneath a car parked on Orange Grove Avenue Tuesday morning after some residents reportedly hit them with broomsticks in an attempt to shoo them away.

Readers took the residents to task online Wednesday morning, with some calling them mean-spirited, and one hoping they get "a lump of goal for Christmas."

The cubs likely hadn't eaten in two weeks, officials said. They were taken to the California Wildlife Center in Calabasas, where they were to be joined with another litter in the hopes that they can be nursed back to health.

Officials are unsure what happened to the mother cougar.

Donations may be made online through PayPal in any amount, a representative for the center said. Animals can also be "adopted" for various amounts.

Visit and click on the "donation" tab.

Payments may also be made over the phone by calling (818) 222-2658, and speaking with Executive Director Cindy Reyes.

-- Maria Hsin and Jason Wells, Times Community News

Twitter: @mariahsin

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