An animated defense of the new slogan

I believe Nadia Bogosian (“Dead, and don't even know it?” Dec. 17) and columnist Gary Huerta have forgotten there is a third meaning to the word “animated” — it can mean “excited” or “stimulated.”

For instance, one could be animated (excited, stimulated) by enjoying conversation and a good meal in a restaurant, or by purchasing a beautiful new couch or car. Or even just by taking a walk in the park. I think the ad agency's phrase does reasonably broad duty by trying to make people think their lives will be more exciting if they come to Glendale.

At the same time, the phrase does make a sly reference to Glendale's seeming attraction to animation companies, which gives it kind of a cool double meaning.

I think it would be a great exercise for local students to try to come up with a logo or phrase. Who knows, they might come up with something good.

But “Your life. Animated.” has a certain succinctness and punch that is really quite excellent.

Greg Dahlen



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