Sign fees put damper on small business

There’s a very nice, reasonably priced women’s clothing store in Montrose called, appropriately, the Clothing Market. I have shopped there regularly since it opened a little over a year ago.

I went again on Christmas Eve to take advantage of its 20% off sale, and thought briefly, “Oh my gosh! It’s gone!” It took me a little while to realize that the store wasn’t gone, only its bright banner with the store name was gone.

I talked with the store owner and found that the city had made him take it down. If he wanted a sign, he would have to pay the city a fee for the right to put up the sign (“Council ends ban on signs,” Dec. 6).

Is this how our city encourages small business? In these difficult times, to require an expensive outlay is outrageous, in my opinion. The city should be bending over backward to encourage the mom and pop shops that have made Montrose what it is.

Shame on you, Glendale.

Judy Seelig

La Crescenta

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