Baffling letter was full of inaccuracies

Francis Adams' letter printed on Dec. 27, “A witness to history and change in America,” may be an example of freedom of speech, but it is so loaded with inaccuracies, generalizations and contradictions, that I am baffled as to why it was printed, unless it was to show the readership what kind of nonsense pervades our society.

A good example is the conviction she has, along with all the people that purchased record numbers of guns (reported the same day in the Los Angeles Times), that crime has reached enormous proportions when the facts are just the opposite.

Recent statistics tell us that crime is at historical lows. She protests the number of protesters. Where has she been these 87 years? This country has gone through several periods in her lifetime when the number of protests and protesters dwarf the demonstrations today.

As far as politicians ripping each other apart, she needs to read a little history — they have been doing that and worse since day one.

Adams claimed to be a minority in our motherland. What minority would that be, rich white ladies?

Please help stop this spread of disinformation in our motherland, it only makes addressing real problems that much harder.

Sonny Shear


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