Restaurant headline doesn't sit well

I was very disappointed in your wording for the headline of the new North Shore Burger. It read “North Shore comes up a bit flat.”

As a small business owner for three generations, your headline was very detrimental to this new business. We want to encourage the entrepreneur.

Most of my friends and family are always looking for a restaurant that is not a chain when dining, and here your headline was very unnecessary. I know you were trying to be cool and reference a surfing term, but in general it was not that cute.

Your article had nice things to say about this restaurant, but if you only read the headline, you might not try North Shore out at all. It costs a lot of money, energy and risk to attempt to open a restaurant.

Why don't you review Carl's Jr. and their substandard burger with greasy depressing food? Or Taco Bell, with questionable mystery meat? Or maybe Burger King, where every burger is identical and tastes of liquid smoke?

Please write them an apology, it's the least you can do. Or better yet, a new review, because as I said, we need the small business owner and independent restaurants.

Marla Fogg


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