The Crosby Chronicles: Hope for a more peaceful 2012

It is common for writers at the end of the year to give a summation of the previous 12 months' events and to end on a hopeful note for the new year.  Forgive me for being so common.

No matter your political persuasion, the world lost 3 villains in 2011:  Moammar Kadafii, Kim Jong-il, and, of course, Osama bin Laden.  The world also saw people take control over their governments in the Middle East.  U.S. troops left Iraq to return home to their families.  And the economy finally showed signs of improvement.  When was the last time so many positive events took place in the span of a year?

So, instead of complaining and griping about what's wrong with the world, let's give a toast to new beginnings and hopefully a more peaceful world.  Happy New Year!

Brian Crosby is a teacher in the Glendale Unified School District and the author of Smart Kids, Bad Schools and The $100,000 Teacher.  He can be reached at


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