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Scraping the bottom of the barrel

To bring more attention to the front page article on John Drayman (“Drayman is year’s top newsmaker,” Dec. 28) is not the purpose of this letter. To the contrary, it is to point out the absurdity of what I believe to be a totally misplaced and misguided article.

Reporters must be “scraping the barrel” if this is all they can come up with. Of all the events that occurred and people making headlines in 2011 in the communities covered by the Glendale News-Press, the editors chose to negatively highlight Drayman on the front page.

After more than a year of investigation, Drayman has not been charged with misconduct of any kind. Unless and until that happens, I think reporters should, to coin a phrase, “leave it alone and give it a rest.”

Sherry Stubbs


La Crescenta