Disney marketing president MT Carney leaving

More than four months after Walt Disney Studios Chairman Rich Ross began seeking a replacement for her, the company's worldwide marketing president, MT Carney, is apparently exiting.

The film industry outsider who was brought in by Ross 19 months ago to shake up Disney's marketing practices and focus more on digital platforms has had a difficult run. She failed to acclimate to Hollywood and oversaw the release of a number of box office flops.

Carney was an experienced "brand strategist" who co-founded a New York firm that worked for clients including Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Nokia but never worked in the entertainment industry before joining Disney in 2010.

Her pending exit was reported by Deadline and the New York Times.

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-- Ben Fritz, Los Angeles Times

Photo: Nicolas Cage and Jay Barcuchel in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," Disney's first major release under former marketing president MT Carney. Credit: Robert Zuckerman / Disney.

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