Support for SB 659

So what's the fuss about eliminating redevelopment agencies? That money just goes to big developers, generally provides housing units or more stores.

Glendale Chamber of Commerce President Jeanne Brewer listed many things redevelopment has funded. But there are a few that are critical to me as a Glendale senior citizen.

I enjoy the concerts at the Alex Theatre. I don't want to lose that as a venue, which also draws folks from all over to spend their dollars right here. And if we don't have stores for people like me to shop, right here, I'll have to get in my car and drive to Pasadena or Burbank.

Without stores or artistic venues, well, there go the many restaurants we can now choose from.

I want a quality fire department and emergency medical technicians to respond when I need them, not a downsized version. I am a Friend of the Glendale Public Library and want to keep it upbeat and providing books I like in an atmosphere I enjoy.

And I want quality schools, where kids receive the best education to ensure the future I am working so hard for now.

In other words, I want a vibrant, successful community to continue and I want it where I live, work and play — right here in Glendale.

I have just touched on a few of the things important to me. If you haven't responded with your support for state Senate Bill 659, which will allow time to develop a new job creation and neighborhood renewal program, you should at the very least consider it.

Camille Levee



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