Friedman joins 80 mayors across the nation in support of same-sex marriage

Glendale Mayor Laura Friedman is joining about 80 other mayors across the country in supporting same-sex marriage nationwide.

Friedman said she joined the effort, called” Mayors for the Freedom to Marry,” because she believes in equal rights for all.

“It’s a human rights issue,” Friedman said, adding that she participated as an individual, not representing her colleagues on City Council or the city.

She recalled a gay friend who was in the hospital and his partner was not allowed to stay after regular visiting hours, which is usually permitted for traditional spouses.

“It’s a question of human dignity,” she said.

There are also economic issues that gay couples face regarding taxation, as well as potential custodial problems. If a gay or lesbian couple adopts a child, only one parent can be the legal guardian.

In some states, “If that parent dies, that child would be an orphan,” Friedman said.

-- Mark Kellam, Times Community News

Twitter: @LAMarkKellam

Photo: Glendale mayor Laura Friedman speaks at the 10th Annual Armenian Genocide Commemoration on April 25, 2011 at the Alex Theatre in Glendale. Credit: Times Community News

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