Group booked on charges of selling magazines

Six people arrested in North Glendale last week for allegedly violating the city’s regulations against door-to-door sales were held overnight in jail on $300 bail each.

The group was arrested after residents reported them to police, and officers discovered that they didn’t have city-issued permits to sell magazine subscriptions in Glendale, Police Sgt. Tom Lorenz said.

“We take it seriously,” Lorenz said, adding that some solicitations are scams.

Residents who called police on Thursday said the group — which included Terrey Conway, 19, Shelby Hartley, 19, Shyane Paulins,19, Derek Nelson, 20, Brandon Mears, 24, and Dustin Mansfield, 25 — was “very demanding” when asking for donations and offering magazine subscriptions in the neighborhood of Santa Carlotta Street and Glencove Avenue, according to Glendale police reports.

Mears and Conway reportedly told police they were participating in a magazine sales subscription contest for Atlantic Circulation.

More than 250 complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau against the circulation company for alleged advertising, sales, products and delivery issues.

Calls to the company seeking comment were not returned Tuesday.

Mears and Conway allegedly told potential subscribers that if they earned enough points from purchasing magazine subscriptions, they could receive a trip to Europe or Hawaii.

Nelson drove the group, who mostly lived out of state, to several cities to sell magazines, but hadn’t sold many subscriptions in Glendale, according to police reports.

Group members told police they didn’t know selling magazines in the city was illegal without a permit.

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