Making our daily lives better

It's great that Habitat for Humanity is putting solar panels on their latest volunteer- and resident-built housing complex, (“Solar panels brighten up Habitat,” Feb. 2). The new homeowners will start out contributing to a sustainable lifestyle for the neighborhood.

I'm very pleased that union carpenters are having apprentices volunteer for the installation. It's in the fine tradition of union membership and proudly demonstrates how unions develop competence worthy of a living wage. What a wonderful public-private partnership.

Perhaps it works so well because the private part is nonprofit.

Thanks to former Glendale Planning Director Elaine Wilkerson for continuing to serve the community in her retirement. She's also involved with the Glendale Historical Society, the Glendale Pops Orchestra, and probably more good causes I'm not aware of. She keeps sharing her expertise with the public when her paycheck no longer requires it.

That's another fine tradition: government workers doing more than necessary because they truly love the work they do and want to make their city a better place.

In our zeal to root out government graft and incompetence, let's not forget to thank the majority of public employees whose efforts make our daily lives better.

Sharon Weisman


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