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‘Road diet’ plan a recipe for disaster

As a resident of North Glendale for 45 years, using Honolulu Avenue on a daily basis, I could not agree more when Councilman Dave Weaver called the “road diet” plan “a recipe for disaster” (“City to put road on diet,” Feb 2). Other than Foothill Boulevard, Honolulu Avenue is the most heavily traveled east/west street in the foothill area.

Apparently, few council members live in this area and can comprehend the consequences of this misguided use of Honolulu Avenue.

How can a public works director expect a daily use of 13,000 autos being squeezed from two lanes into one? There is already an extremely hazardous situation at Orangedale and Honolulu avenues (the site of the new Trader Joe’s), with near-accidents happening many times a day.

I use Honolulu several times a day and rarely see more than a handful of bicycles on this street, and many of them are simply going into Montrose to have their coffee and rest for a half-hour.


Why is Glendale sacrificing the safety of thousands of people for the few people drinking their lattes?

William Brown