Columnist failed to elevate his argument

Why do religious people who hold firmly to their beliefs get referred to as chest-thumping, saber-rattling, pious Christians? It’s a stereotype put out by the media and the press.

In Patrick Caneday’s column on Feb. 18, “A 'heathen' teaches a lesson,” he describes his disagreement with fellow church-goers who object to the proposed healthcare law. They may have legitimate reasons for that. No one can say for sure what mandates are included in it.

To say that anyone who objects to it is intolerant is unfair. Those who object to its mandates prefer to offer support at their discretion, in their own way. The Christians I know volunteer in their communities, help the needy and feed the poor.

Caneday calls himself a Christian, but resorts to name-calling anyone who disagrees with him. He tries to elevate his argument by calling it sarcastic eloquence.

Not so, Mr. Caneday.

Rosemary Klem


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