Common sense and the Montrose road diet

I read with much interest the letter from William Brown on Feb. 10 titled “'Road diet' plan a recipe for disaster” and wish to comment regarding the proposed “road diet” through Montrose.

I, too, agree that this ill-conceived plan is a disaster looking for a happening.

Many of us local residents use Honolulu Avenue on a daily basis for our east-west commute. There are no alternate routes, other than Foothill Boulevard, which is teeming with commuters, kids and local shoppers.

To reduce Honolulu Avenue to one lane in each direction, with multiple crosswalks to navigate, is folly. Some pedestrian, either in front of a senior apartment complex (and there are numerous ones in this area) or in front of the recently opened Trader Joe's, will be injured — or worse yet, killed.

The traffic at the Trader Joe's location needs the additional east-west lanes to keep traffic flowing in the area. If this is reduced to one lane in each direction, it will cause a complete bottleneck even worse than the present layout.

I shop at Trader Joe's and love the market in our area, but the traffic borders on impossible.

I know is it not politically correct, but how does “going green” take precedent over common sense? Come on, City Council, stop this catastrophe from commencing.

Bill Warner


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