City has trash backward

Should anyone be sorry that the landfills are not generating income (“Landfill sees steep revenue drop,” Feb. 20)?

Have we become some Third World country where our revenue depends on accepting trash? City officials have their policies upside-down. We should be doing everything to reduce waste and extend the life of the landfill.

How about establishing a vision of zero waste by 2020? That would translate into zero dollars in revenue from landfill operations.

What most Glendale residents may still not know is that the city's expenditures have far outpaced its revenues, starting since well before the recession. Such recklessness forced the city to look for revenue sources that are not good for the environment or the ratepayer.

How about running zero-waste with the city's runaway expenditures? Maybe then we won't have to rely on a mountain of trash to help balance the budget.

Herbert Molano


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