Review of Chamlian project was necessary

In one fell swoop, the unnamed editor of the March 3 editorial “A shining example of harebrained bureaucracy” insulted the Planning Commission, the Design Review Board, the residents who live near the Chamlian Armenian School, and indirectly Councilman Dave Weaver, whom the editor commented has previously been known to be “typically unsympathetic.”

Perhaps even worse than characterizing these individuals as component parts of a “harebrained bureaucracy” is calling into question “due process” itself.

To assess and coalesce the needs and desires of all concerned parties in a decision takes time. That there were many warranted concerns on the part of the neighborhood, and a number of accumulated variances to Glendale’s zoning codes that needed to be analyzed, justifies the thoroughness of the process. It would have been harebrained to rush this through without thorough vetting.

Although I have not always agreed with the planning department or commission, Design Review Board and City Council decisions, I have the utmost respect for their qualifications and the professionalism with which they approach their duties.

I would expect that any newspaper, other than those of the throwaway or yellow variety, would be a little more perspicacious in its judgments.

Nancy Comeau

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