Comments are unfounded, unjustified

Regarding both the March 1 article “Council overturns rebuff, approves school gym” and the March 3 editorial, “A shining example of harebrained bureaucracy,” comments such as referring to a Design Review Board as a “harebrained bureaucracy” and that the board was appeasing a small group of neighbors are not only short-sighted but reveal a lack of knowledge of the city's structure, laws, rules and regulations.

The Design Review Boards are an essential component of the city's planning and design protocol. My experience with them, particularly regarding the Foothill Lumber project and the North Glendale Community Plan, has shown their members to be fair and objective. They have done their homework and know the facts surrounding the projects before them.

Because the City Council may overturn their decisions on occasion does not in any way diminish their purpose and good work. The comments made in the article and editorial are unfounded and unjustified.

The members of the Design Review Boards deserve praise, not scorn.

Sherry Stubbs

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