Huge black bear on the move in La Crescenta

The Glendale bear is on the move this morning, climbing over backyard fences and walking down a sidewalk after lounging in the backyard of home on Mayfield Avenue -- media entourage in tow.

KTLA-TV is tracking the bear from above as it moves from house to house. The bear was first spotted wondering around at 3 a.m. before it plopped down on the back lawn of vacant house in the 2300 block of Mayfield Avenue.

Descirbed as wieghing between 500 and 600 pounds, authorities believe it may be the same bear that broke into a garage last month and pried open a refrigerator to snack on frozen meatballs. The bear has been spotted in the hills of North Glendale and La Crescenta for weeks now, rummaging through trash bins and citrus trees.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Sgt. Mark Slater told KTLA-TV that state Department of Fish and Game officials were en route.

"If the bear becomes aggressive and starts showing aggressive tendencies toward anyone or anything, we'll euthanize the bear," Slater sad.

He added: "We just want residents to use caution, stay inside, keep your pets inside and when you do leave for work, get quickly to your car and get out of the area."

TV footage from above showed one resident happening upon the strolling bear and running back inside his house.

In recent weeks, the bear has even built up an enthusiastic Twitter presence.

-- KTLA-TV, and Megan O'Neil in La Crescenta, Times Community News

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