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Residents cheer as ‘Glendale bear’ safely taken away

La Crescenta residents, some still dressed in their pajamas, cheered Tuesday morning after Fish and Game authorities slid a tranquilized 400-pound black bear into a cage to take it back to the mountains.

Lt. Martin Wall of the California Fish and Game said it took four tranquilizer darts to finally put the “Glendale bear” to sleep. The bear, which has visited the Glendale-La Crescenta area several times over the past month, showed up in a La Crescenta neighborhood early Tuesday morning and was in the backyard of a home before Fish and Game officials arrived.

Wall said two darts were successfully injected into the bear, and he had to hand-inject a third as it became sleepy.

Afterward, it took more than a half-dozen Fish and Game authorities to carry the bear through a narrow apartment complex gate on a white blanket and set him down on the asphalt behind the bear cage.


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-- Matt Stevens, Los Angeles Times