Yahoo to lay off 65 in Burbank

Of the 2,000 jobs slated to be cut by Yahoo, 65 will be at the company's Empire Avenue offices in Burbank, according to filings with the California Employment Development Department.

There were also layoffs at Disney Consumer Products Inc. in Glendale last month, but the number of layoffs listed with the state is higher than the actual number of positions cut, said a company spokeswoman.

Layoffs at Yahoo will be in effect by June, according to the employment agency's website.

Yahoo spokeswoman Dana Lengeh said company officials aren't going to confirm precisely how many jobs will be cut by location, nor will they provide information on how many employees work in each office.

Filings with the state employment agency often break out which types of positions will be eliminated. Yahoo's listing, however, does not provide those details.

In all, the planned job losses nationwide make up about 14% of Yahoo's workforce.

Yahoo is still a powerful force on the Internet, but it's been losing advertising dollars to Facebook and Google.

Chief Executive Scott Thompson took the company's reins in January and said he was going to do a massive restructuring of the troubled company.

Disney Consumer Products apparently had planned to lay off 64 employees at its Flower Street office when it filed with the state agency last month.

However, spokeswoman Nidia Tatalovich said the actual number of jobs cuts was fewer than 50.

If a company plans layoffs of 50 or more employees, it must file with the state employment department, giving employees 30 days notice before their jobs are eliminated, according to the state labor code.

The state received notice from Disney Consumer Products on March 13.

The workers were laid off before the end of the month, Tatalovich said.

She said the company's human resources department is looking into why there was such a discrepancy in the layoff figures.

Calls to Shannon Sanders, who is listed as the contact person on the company's filing, were not returned.

According to the filing with the state, 44 creative positions and seven administrative jobs were going to be eliminated by April 30.

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