Model train club gives public a bird's-eye view

The Glendale Model Railroad Club held its spring open house this weekend, giving the public a chance to inspect a vast miniaturized landscape of Southern Pacific Railroad operations between Los Angeles and Bakersfield.

Represented in the 100-plus mile scene are stations in San Fernando, Saugus, Lancaster, Mojave and Caliente.

The club, formed in 1949, provides this description of the scene:

As a visitor views the layout, the foreground from right to left is occupied by the Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal and supporting coach yards, roundhouse, diesel facilities, Taylor Yard (the massive facility that in real life stretched for more two miles along San Fernando Road), the Glendale station and finally, at far left, the city of Burbank.

-- Raul Roa, Times Community News

Twitter: @journalismpics

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