Timeline: A look back on Drayman's meandering legal woes

April 2007: Councilman John Drayman wins a seat on the City Council after leaving his position as president of the Montrose Shopping Park Assn. board of directors.

March 2010: Drayman signs a contract with National Fire Systems & Services Inc. to renovate his condominium that was damaged by water from a broken pipe. National Fire — a subcontractor for Advanced Development Inc. — would later claim in court documents that the renovation cost about $213,000.

Oct. 2010: News breaks of a federal investigation into Advanced Development Inc., an affordable housing developer that allegedly bilked millions of dollars from Glendale and other cities.

Summer 2010: National Fire Systems & Services works on Drayman's condo. Drayman says at the time he doesn't know National Fire was an ADI subcontractor.

March 2011: An ADI contract manager is connected to Drayman's renovation work.

April 2011: Drayman runs for reelection and loses. National Fire files a nearly $98,000 lien against Drayman's condo for what it claims are outstanding bills for the remodeling work.

May 2011: Police announce they are investigating embezzlement allegations made against Drayman by Montrose Shopping Park Assn. board members regarding the weekly Harvest Market. Police serve a search warrant for his condominium.

June 2011: ADI subcontractors say they are questioned by federal investigators about the work on Drayman's home. City officials announce that proper permits were not filed for the work done. They then visit Drayman's condo and ask him to open a portion of a wall and closet area for inspection. Building inspections are ongoing.

July 2011: National Fire files a lawsuit against Drayman to foreclose on his condo for allegedly not paying his construction bill.

December 2011: Shopping park representatives announce they expect the 2011 Harvest Market to make $140,000 in income — nearly $100,000 more than what the market reaped during the years of Drayman's involvement.

April 2012: Glendale building officials again inspect Drayman's home as they continue to bring the permits into compliance.

-- Times Community News staff

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