New collectibles market fits right in

Susan Pearson invites further comment regarding the new collectibles market in La Crescenta in her recent letter, “Collectibles market is an eyesore.” I would be very happy to oblige her with my opinion.

Whenever I see critical comments in print that are wholly out of proportion with reality, it usually means someone has an ax to grind, especially when those comments claim to speak for me and my neighbors about what is, and what is not, “truly La Crescenta.”

I attended the market the Saturday before last. I saw Eastlake Victorian chairs, candlestick phones, English bone china, mid-century table linens and kitchenware, military memorabilia, great used books and sand-cast statuary.

I saw crafts which included jewelry made from pine cones collected in La Crescenta (really amazing), hand-crocheted accessories, and beautiful hand-made jewelry from Sunset Pig studios.

I also noticed that the Crescenta Valley Neighborhood Assn. was sponsoring a booth, as was the Historical Society of the Crescenta Valley. I trust these groups as representative of local interests and protecting the integrity of our community.

It seems a bit silly that anyone could say with a straight face that a location that normally is a weed-infested dirt lot used to park trucks, construction vehicles and filming vans is somehow now an eyesore because antiques, collectibles and crafts are sold there for four hours twice a month.

I was pleased to find out that some of the proceeds from the event are dedicated to funding the food program at the Firehouse Youth Center in La Crescenta. How “un-La Crescenta” can you get?

Robert Henry

La Crescenta

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